What’s a Professional Organizer?

Professional Organizers provide information, products and assistance to help you meet all your organizing needs. By asking questions, observing and suggesting, they can help you establish your priorities and teach you principles and techniques for clearing out the clutter and freeing up your time and space.

A Professional Organizer can help you access all the available space in your home or office for organizing effectively.

A Professional Organizer is a consultant who offers support, focus and direction to help you decide what things are most important to you. Jeanne will assist you and suggest ways to beautify and create an environment that reflects your daily living needs, bringing you a feeling of harmony and joy.

Where to Get Organized

In your home, office, closets, files, kitchen, pantry, laundry room, living room, dining room, family room, bathrooms, garage, basement, attic. storage, books, music, videos, photos, keepsakes… the list goes on!

Look Around . . .

Organizing Helps You . . .

  • Simplify your life and create ease
  • Prioritize what you really want and need
  • Relieve the stress of not finding things
  • Let go of “stuff” that you never use
  • Cut down on those extra clothes in your closet you never wear
  • Conquer paper filing once and for all
  • Bring hope to the organizationally-challenged
  • Eliminate clutter in a therapeutic, fun way
  • Make the most of your available space
  • Beautify and harmonize your home or office
  • Make room for new energy to come in