Clearing Out . . .

A Good Place to Start Getting Organized

tips-kitchenpantryPretend you are moving and you need to get rid of a lot of things in a short time. Go through each closet and drawer one at a time. Be sure not to take on too much at once and become frustrated or overwhelmed. If you haven’t used something for more than a couple years, you probably won’t. When in doubt, throw it out. Put those unused and outdated items in piles according to how you think they might be recycled… Keep… Give… Toss…

If they have true value and are items that others may want, try selling them on the web or in your local classifieds. You could give some items away to friends, relatives or a local charity. They may even be tax-deductible! If the items are broken, faded, torn or just plain outdated, trash them! It feels very freeing to make space in your drawers and closets. The items that you wish to keep should all be put away. Everything has it’s place, and if it doesn’t have a place of it’s own then you must create one. Anything that is left out and just sitting around is potential garbage. Only a few things that you use frequently should be out and handy for your use.

tips-officewall_thinReduce Your Paper

Watch the amount of paper you accumulate weekly through the mail. You probably have magazines, junk mail, advertising, and other unsolicited mail that piles up day after day. Cut down on how many magazines you subscribe to by mail and see if you can view them online instead. You can even pay your bills online and get paperless statements from your creditors by email. The important papers that you must have should then be filed right away and not left around to pile up. Get your files organized and a system flowing so you can stay in control of it and not get overwhelmed. A professional organizer can help you! Remember to recycle any unwanted papers and magazines on a regular basis. Our landfills are just an extension of our all-consuming clutter and waste.

Get Off Mailing Lists

Contact the Direct Marketing Association and register for the Mail Preference Service. Your name will be placed in a delete file, and you should notice a decrease in junk mail within three months after you register.

tips-girlscloset_thinCall the customer service department of individual companies that send you junk mail. Ask to be removed from the company’s mailing list and not to share your contact info. Have the mailing label with you when you call so you can give them exact names and codes from the label.

Tell mail order companies that you regularly order from not to sell your name to other companies. Do the same for any political, professional and charitable organizations that you may contribute to, as well as for credit card companies, banks, schools and utility companies.

Avoid sending in warranty registration cards. You’ll still be covered by the warranty, but the company won’t use it as an invitation to send you more information on their products. All these ways to clear out extra papers that you don’t want, will put your mind and life at ease.

More Tips & Ideas

For more tips and great ideas for organizing and designing more efficient spaces in your home or office, give Jeanne a call today to help you find a way that works for you. Give yourself the freedom of a clear, clean environment and the ease of knowing where things are. You will be surprised and delighted how life will become easier with less stress and more time for you!